Carino is committed to the environment and stewardship of our marine ecosystem.

We recognize that the world’s largest source of protein comes from the ocean, and this demand will continue to grow – so the ocean and its resources must be responsibly managed. 

Socially Responsible Harvest

At Carino, we are fully committed to ethical, humane, sustainable harvesting. This also means using every part of the animal — the hide, meat, and oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids. To reduce our carbon footprint even further, we even recycle the oil that doesn’t meet our exacting standards.

Responsible use of resources is a central principle of modern conservation and at Carino, we believe in preserving what nature provides. 

The seal harvest is not only viable and sustainable, but also a necessary fisheries eco-management tool. While some people may be concerned that the seal population is at risk, this is not the case at all! The seal population is abundant. When it remains unchecked, it can have a devastating impact on fish stocks — as well as the health of the seals themselves. Seal quotas are set based on sound science to ensure sustainability. 

Animal Welfare

Carino has been a driving force behind efforts to improve animal welfare standards, and has been involved in the rewriting the Marine Mammal Regulations. Carino is proud to have created training materials for the Humane Harvesting and Quality Handling course — a mandatory training program for all commercial harvesters. 

Our harvesters are trained & licensed and are sanctioned by the Government of Canada under the Fisheries Act. They are committed to the best practices for sustainability, food safety, and animal welfare. 

Want to know more?

For more information on management, regulations, and the conservation status of Canada’s seal populations, please visit the following links: