We care that what you’re eating is healthy, and sustainable. The world is looking for sustainable, ethical, food sources and wild seal is a free range, hormone free quality meat.

Seal meat is an excellent source of protein (23%) and is very low in fat (2%). It is exceptionally nutritious, with very high levels of iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B12.  

Seals store fat as oil to adapt to the frigid North Atlantic so the meat is dark, lean, and oily, with a rich flavour that has hints of the sea. 

This Canadian superfood can increase energy, promote red blood cell formation, strengthen muscles and improve muscle function, repair body tissues and boost the immune system!

Seal isn’t only incredibly healthy and sustainable, it’s deliciously unique. International chefs are discovering and reimagining its potential. Use seal in a hearty, traditional seal flipper pie or prepare a culinary delicacy, like a mouthwatering seal tataki. It’s a truly versatile and viable product.

Carino produces high-quality packed and frozen, free-range, hormone-free seal meat. Seal meat is produced in the season in which hunters are active and Carino harvests both wild harp (Phoca groenlandica) and wild grey seals (Halichoerus grypus). 

Nutritional Information

Protein22.3 g
Calcium591 mg
Iron64 mg
Magnesium34 mg
Vitamin B127.7 µg
(constituents in 100 g mechanically-separated seal meat)

How to Order

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