Carino Omega 3

Harp Seal Oil

A superior source of Omega 3

Carino means We Care

To care is a sentiment that transcends language and we apply it to every single part of our business. At Carino, we care about helping you live a healthy, vibrant, extraordinary life. We care about keeping communities strong and our environment pristine and wild. And we care about the stewardship of precious natural resources, no matter how plentiful.

Omega 3 Benefits


Reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis, and improve mobility.


Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood clots and improve circulation.


Seal oil can help boost cognitive function, aid the development of eyes, nerves, brain, and relieve some ADHD symptoms.


Boost central nervous system and brain function, improve memory, and other cognitive abilities.


Pregnant and nursing mothers take seal oil to support the development of baby’s brain, eyes, and nerves.


The DPA found in seal oil, helps fight inflammatory diseases, promote cognitive function and brain health, and improve nerve health.


Seal oil supports integrating oxygen into the bloodstream, reducing fatigue and also produces noticeable results in both neuromuscular and overall performance.